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Many good jobs remain unfilled in Florida

In the midst of what's now commonly known as The Great Recession, headlines correctly focus on the unemployed . Overshadowed by those headlines and the stories of hardship suffered by the unemployed is the seemingly incongruous fact of thousands of unfilled jobs waiting – sometimes for weeks and months – for the right applicant to come along. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

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Government agencies turn to auction sites to sell excess supplies

When government agencies want to get rid of excess stuff – from busted helicopters to used computers – they're doing it like everyone who cleans out a garage these days: they're going high-tech and reaching out to bargain hunters online. More and more governments are selling surplus goods on Internet auction services, where sellers can list items without moving them from their warehouses and people hunting for deals can bid with a mouse click from the comfort of, well, anywhere. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Special interests sharply step up political giving

They are some of the biggest brand names in Florida politics, and this summer they're pumping millions of dollars into a myriad of stealthy political funds — all with the aim of influencing the outcome of a few key legislative races. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

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Florida Law: Danger Zone

During his more than 20 years heading up the international law firm Diaz Reus, Miami attorney Michael Diaz Jr. has made frequent trips to Venezuela, a nation routinely included on lists of the world’s most dangerous countries. “People say the risks are off the chart with respect to kidnapping and violence in Venezuela,” Diaz says. “Certainly there are risks, but the greater the risk, the greater the reward. That’s sort of our creed. We like to be in the most adventurous, emerging markets." Full story...

Florida construction industry on verge of a comeback

The next big thing driving Florida's job growth could be the same as the last big thing: construction. If forecasts prove true, the archetypical boom-and-bust state will soon be at it again as jobs tied to the building trades rank among the fastest-growing between now and 2019. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]


› Boca Raton’s Lynn University making upgrades before hosting presidential debate
Oct. 22, the day of the final presidential debate, will be Lynn University’s Cinderella moment. But don’t forget how hard Cinderella had to work before the big night.

› Drought will raise food prices in Florida next year
Florida shoppers can expect to pay 3 to 4 percent more for groceries next year because of the historic drought in America's heartland, a pinch that could prompt some consumers to adjust their buying and eating habits.

› Legoland continues broadening appeal in first summer
Deep into its first summer of operations, Legoland Florida continues its quest to establish itself as a theme park destination known beyond Central Florida. Signs indicate the attraction has made progress.

› NASA 'space taxi' will result in Space Coast jobs
Three companies with ties to Cape Canaveral were selected by NASA on Friday as the winners of a $1.1 billion competition to build so-called "space taxis" to ferry NASA astronauts to the International Space Station, a decision that could result in 1,500 or more new jobs on the Space Coast.

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› Little houses, big on design
Sales are taking off for a South Florida company that offers modern eco-friendly cabins as small as 120 square feet to customers around the country.

› Condo developer finds niche in local buyers
While foreign homebuyers helped revive South Florida's condominium market, developer Lon Tabatchnick says he's courting the local resident at two of his projects. Many of the buyers at 200 East in Boca Raton and Positano Beach in Hollywood have given up single family homes in western neighborhoods for condos along the coast.

› OrthoSensor, Open English raise millions in funding
After 30 years in the medical devices space, Jay Pierce has seen it all. But he can’t contain his excitement about OrthoSensor, a small Sunrise company he leads.

› RNC music scene will be lively but exclusive
The Republican National Convention will create its own lively music scene — Journey, Willie Nelson, Kid Rock and Trace Adkins, among others. But it will be a scene peopled almost exclusively by corporate sponsors, celebrities and select VIPs. These shows are invitation-only, and access isn't cheap.
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