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December 15, 2017

Beyond Basics

Expand Your Footprint

Expansion Planning • Government Contracting • Exporting

| 4/21/2017

Should You Export?

Complete the free “Export Readiness Self-Assessment” available at to determine if your small business truly is in a position to expand internationally.

A written export business plan will help you define your company’s current status and commitment to global marketing by forcing you to assemble facts, identify constraints and set specific goals and objectives for exporting success.

You wouldn’t take a foreign vacation without some advance research, so why send your products or services overseas without similar preparation? Know what you’re getting into by researching potential markets, trade barriers, regulations and other exporting details that are specific to the country you have in mind.

Numerous export loan programs, grants and other financing opportunities are available at the state and federal levels to help your company finance its global marketing activities, ensure foreign payment and manage risk. The SBA’s customizable “Export Business Planner” has a full chapter devoted to this topic. Download the complete planner for free at

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