October 26, 2014

Selling Your Strengths

In Real Life or Skype -- Presenting Your Best

Ginger Broslat | 11/8/2012

Get noticed

An interview is an interview. Whether it’s online or in person, some of the same tips apply to help you make the leap from applicant to employee.

Arrive early » Be logged in and accessible five to 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Practice with a friend to get familiar with the process. » Arrive in the parking lot of the office 15 minutes before the interview. Take some moments to gather your thoughts and calmly walk in. Never rush into an interview in a breathless panic.
Dress the part » Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you can dress down or wear shorts and flip-flops. Part of dressing properly is creating a professional state-of-mind. Read more here.

» Start your interview off strong with a great first impression.

» Click for style and grooming tips.

Keep the peace » Silence your cellphone. If you are at home and have a land line, turn the ringer off. Plan ahead to make sure children or pets don’t interrupt. » Silence your cellphone. Don’t just turn it to vibrate. The vibration is still distracting.
Make eye contact » This is tricky in Skype, and you need to practice. Remember, your
direct eye contact is in the webcam lens, not the monitor. Try placing a sticky note behind the camera as a reminder to look up.
» Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and direct eye contact. Maintain eye contact when they are speaking as well as when you are.
Background » Avoid plain, white walls, but also make sure the background isn’t
cluttered or distracting.
» Don’t take an oversized handbag or brief case, which can be a distraction.
Language » Use proper grammar and avoid slang, acronyms, negativity and rambling.
» Click here for new words to spice up your conversation.
Off limits » Gum … NEVER!
» Never lie about or exaggerate your qualifications.
» Don’t ask questions about pay, benefits or paid time-off in an initial interview.
» Don’t discuss personal problems.

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