October 23, 2014
Making a Move

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Paul Peveroff - Director, Cardiopulmonary Services, Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood

Knowing Yourself

Making a Move

It's never too late to start, or change, your career path.

Ginger Broslat | 11/8/2012

After graduation from Hollywood’s McArthur High School in 1988, Paul Peveroff automatically followed in the family footsteps straight into the workplace.

“My family has always been employed with Publix Super Markets in all position levels,” says Paul. “It’s a great company, and I enjoyed the people, but I always thought I might like to try healthcare.”

At 26, just as he was building up courage to make a change, one of Paul’s former co-workers told him about the respiratory therapy training program he was taking. Paul looked through the course materials and decided to give it a try. He enrolled at Broward College while still working fulltime at Publix.  

Two-and-a-half years later, Paul was serving his last rotation in the pediatric intensive care unit at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood when the unit director offered him a job as a respiratory therapist. Paul jumped at the chance and has loved every day of work ever since.

Eighteen years, a nursing degree and six promotions later, Paul now directs the cardiopulmonary care department at one of Florida’s largest hospitals.

Paul is fortunate that his company offers lots of opportunity for advancement, but it was his willingness to make a career change, to earn the necessary degrees and work hard that helped him move up the ladder of success.

I wish I had made the move to healthcare sooner. Take the steps you need to now to find a career you love. Don’t wait!

— Director, Cardiopulmonary Services, Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood

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