October 22, 2014

Finding Help

Job Search: Reaching recruiters and employers

You don't need to go it alone. Let the professionals help guide your career development.

Ginger Broslat | 11/8/2012

For Florida job seekers who need tools and guidance to get their careers on track, or for workers looking for ways to advance their careers, help is always close by at a One-Stop Career Center.

As part of the statewide Employ Florida network, One-Stops connect companies and job seekers to find the right fit through a wide range of services. Here’s how they can help you …

Consider Your Options - Explore careers you may not even know exist.
• Learn about industry sectors you may have never thought of as a potential job.
• Take assessments to learn about yourself and what career would be the best fit.
• Discover hiring trends and jobs with predicted growth potential.

Set Your Sights - Discover salary and benefits information for different careers.
• Research the wages and salaries of occupations.
• Compare wages and salaries by region.
• Explore the highest paying jobs by industry sector.

Make a Plan - Research what education and training you need and how to get it.
• Get information to set education goals for your career choice.
• Find short-term training, scholarship, apprenticeship and certification opportunities.
• Find ways to improve your skills so that you can earn more in your current position.

Show Your Strengths- Get advice on creating and updating your resume.
• Use templates and sample letters to create your own job search portfolio.
• Have your resume and letters reviewed by professionals.
• Get your “Ready-to-Go” job candidate checklist.

Start Your Search - Get connected with potential employers in your area or across the state.
• Register with the Employ Florida Marketplace at www.employflorida.com.
• Browse listed job openings.
• Research companies to learn more about potential employers.

Gail Buzzard

You Are Not Alone

The professional staff at One-Stop Career Centers across the state are focused on getting more Floridians working. Make an appointment today to speak with a counselor. And keep in mind that the more you are open and honest about your experience, strengths and limitations, the more effective they can be in helping you find the best career fit.

If you currently have a job but want to pursue higher levels in your current field or explore new options, the One-Stop team in your area is ready to assist.

Find the Regional Workforce Board that serves your county. Call or go online for directions to the One-Stop Career Center near you. www.floridajobs.org/onestop

Gail Buzard - Business Development Coordinator, Workforce Connection, Ocala

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