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May 27, 2018

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The Healthy Small Business Checkup

Do you have what it takes to build a successful business

| 6/1/2006

Are you managing your capital efficiently? Insufficient capital is one of the biggest reasons for business failure. For strategies and tips, read the latest on financial planning, including SBA loans and federal grants in "Chasing Capital." Also, learn how Florida businesses manage their cash flow in"Keeping the Cash Flowing."

Do you know about recent tax changes that can help your business? For example, the Internal Revenue Service has changed the mileage deduction to 44.5 cents per mile. There are also new expensing guidelines. Learn more in "The IRS, Florida Department of Revenue and You."

If you are a manufacturer, what are your strategies for building your business? Learn how Florida's 2006 Small Business Person of the Year keeps her 8-year-old manufacturing company growing in "Beating the Odds."

Sales & Marketing
Have your sales figures met the goals in your business plan? Check out one of the latest sales tools -- local internet marketing -- in "The Internet Goes Local."

Global Business
Are you interested in doing business around the world? Have you taken the first step? For tips and resources for making that move outside U.S. borders, turn to "Beyond Florida's Borders."

Disaster Planning
Do you shudder when you think of another hurricane season? Well, take a proactive view and prepare with tips from "Weathering the Storm."

Real Estate
Should you lease or buy your business location? That decision hasn't been easy in Florida's hot real estate market. Get advice from entrepreneurs and experts in "5 Tips for Real Estate Decision Making."

New Ideas
Are you interested in seeing how other entrepreneurs run their businesses? You'll find lessons and tips from a dozen entrepreneurs under age 40 in "What They Didn't Tell Me."

Do you find a way to talk regularly with your peers? That means other entrepreneurs, people in your industry and experts. Check out the listing of trade associations and other groups in "Resources."

What does it take to be a creative, successful entrepreneur today?
The Small Business Administration has identified these traits.

? Persistence
? Desire for Immediate Feedback
? Inquisitiveness
? Strong Desire to Achieve
? High Energy Level
? Goal Oriented Behavior
? Independent
? Demanding
? Self-Confident
? Calculated Risk Taker
? Creative
? Innovative
? Vision
? Problem Solving Skills
? Tolerance for Ambiguity
? Strong Integrity
? Highly Reliable
? Personal Initiative
? Ability to Consolidate Resources
? Strong Management and Organizational Skills
? Competitive
? Change Agent
? Tolerance for Failure
? Desire to Work Hard
? Luck

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